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The Best 24-Hour Towing & Roadside Service in Mission, TX

Whether you’re a driver in Mission, TX, or the surrounding area, AMPM Roadside & Recovery wants to solve your automotive problems. Need a load shifted? We’ll do that for you. Got a flat tire and need a replacement? Yes, we can handle that, too.

We will gladly accept all major credit cards, as well as T-Checks, EFS, ComData, Visa, Mastercard, Diners Card, etc., and/or POs from any major accounts in our database.
Our company gladly offers discounts to military, law enforcement, and senior citizens.

Ask for the COVID-19 special discount for all trucking companies as well, effective from January 1, 2020 - January 1, 2022.

AMPM Roadside & Recovery
AMPM Roadside & Recovery

Heavy-Duty Towing

Heavy-duty towing is required for heavy equipment and vehicles that cannot be towed using traditional means. To perform a heavy-duty towing service correctly, you must take both torque and horsepower into account. At AMPM, our state-of-the-art trucks can handle almost any heavy-duty towing job.

AMPM Roadside & Recovery

Heavy-Duty Wrecker

If you need heavy-duty wrecking services, we’ll take care of that, too. We provide wrecker services for mobile homes, tractor-trailers, boom trucks, and construction cranes, to name a few.

AMPM Roadside & Recovery

24/7 Towing Services

When you need towing any time of the day or night, we’ve got you covered. All our towing services are available to customers 24/7, which means you never have to worry about not getting a service.

AMPM Roadside & Recovery

Transports (Including Long Distance)

Whatever equipment, pre-fab home, or machinery you need transported, talk to our team at AMPM. We’ll take good care of you and your load, even if it needs to be moved cross-country.

AMPM Roadside & Recovery

24/7 Recovery

Like our towing services, you can count on our 24/7 recovery services as well.

AMPM Roadside & Recovery

Heavy Load Shifts

If your truck or cargo vehicle needs to have its load shifted, don’t fret. At AMPM Roadside & Recovery, we have the right tools and technology to do the job right without causing you undue stress.

AMPM Roadside & Recovery

Dropped Trailers

Need a trailer picked up? Let AMPM Roadside & Recovery handle it. We’ll retrieve any dropped trailers and bring them directly to you—and the best part is you don’t have to lift a finger.

AMPM Roadside & Recovery

Winching Recovery

Sometimes cars, trucks, and other vehicles veer off the road and into ditches. Whenever this happens, we can send a truck to winch your vehicle out of the ditch. We even offer this service for heavy-duty vehicles and equipment.

AMPM Roadside & Recovery

Roadside Diesel Repair

Need diesel repair on the road? You’re in luck. We offer comprehensive roadside diesel repair services to help you get back on the highway as soon as possible.

AMPM Roadside & Recovery

Tire Service

Stuck on the shoulder of the interstate with a flat tire? We’ll drive out and change it for you. Just let us know where you are and what kind of tire you need.

AMPM Roadside & Recovery

Mobile Mechanic Parts Store on Wheels

In addition to our roadside diesel repair services, we also have a mobile mechanic parts store on wheels. Contact AMPM Roadside & Recovery for more information.